09 February, 2015

Modifying an airsoft HK 416 UMAREX with 11,1V for increased rate of fire: from 13 bps to 18 bps

HK 416 from UMAREX, very high quality materials and precision
Recently I personalized with more cadence one airsoft replica HK 416 from UMAREX, the best available today replica of the lethal original, getting to shoot 18 balls per second instead of 13 with the recommended battery.
For this we have got 11,1V instead of the 7.4V li-ion recommended by the manufacturer, using 6 standard size batteries 2000 mAh 18650 and 1C discharge . Usually LiPo is more desirable for these cases, for the effort that must hold the batteries, they probably will last less than normal ... but what can we do... life is short;) and we just had them available.
Putting 11,1V to the repeater you are breaking the guarantee, but it have such good material and design that we'd rather risk getting a machine of epic massacres;)
In the following video a Youtube friend did the same and is working very well:

To insert them in the holes in the handle we have to do a fine job of welding them: We joint the positive pole with a thin wire so that they are close as possible in that point, pulling the cable to one side, and join also with a cable by the side the negative pole, adding another for connection in series with the positive as follows.
Then we have to isolate the contacts to avoid possible shortcircuits, with high temperature tape if you have it (available at electronics stores) and here is the result:

Materials: 6 batteries to unite in parallel in pairs and load control
If we tried to put the positive and negative wiring together, there is no problem to insert it in place, passing the cable through the concavity designed for this:

For the third battery we used the hollow center in this model to allocate it, which is somewhat broader, but be careful not to put together the cables:

Finally you solder them to the load control ( discussed in the previous post ) and the positive and negative poles of the battery directly to the machine gun (since control gives only 2Ah at points P used as discharge). We have directly connected the cables to the Machine waiting for an appropriate socket:

To charge the battery I have recycled a 2 Amp 12V charger, recycling a female connector of a faulty router:

Once proven to work, taping all very well if you do not want me to butt out burning;)

By adding the driver, which is on the upper hole, it was so tight that we opted to extend the shoulder support, taping it a bit so you do not accidentally short it (predictably damaging the controller and/or batteries).
And this is the finished result:

The charging connector stayed perfect in the middle!

You can see how we had to extend the shoulder support 1 point to hold everything. With 4000 mAh we have for three hours of deadly blasts nonstop ! The perfect machine for the Sniper, accurate and perfect quality.

They will enjoy it ;). It could be LEGENDARY!

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