24 June, 2015

DIY Homemade pool water solar preheating system - by Jordi

Economic system of heating pool water
This past summer Jordi from Valencia was consulting on how to heat the pool water with economic polyethylene tube, and discussing their results, and is happy to share it with you.

Surely he noticed this post (system that does not use nearly as efficient) and was encouraged to heat his pool that way, and wanted to "removing the cold", raising its temperature from 18 to 25, a more comfortable temperature, taking advantage of the close roof surface where the sun hits well.

Jordi told me that he would use PE pipe Ø20 mm. and had doubts if it would work; the pool is quite large , 14x3 meters. I had thought to extend about 250 meters tube had calculated that fit on the roof.

17 June, 2015

Lighting by electromagnetic induction: Current best choice for high power lamps

When it is necessary to illuminate a street, building, etc, and lots of light output is required, induction lamps are more profitable than the LED because of its lower price and its durability.

Campana 250W used in warehouse
Key Features:

10 June, 2015

Connecting an IDE (DVD-ROM, HD, etc) unit to a motherboard without IDE port (SATAS only)

Using an IDE-USB adapter we could "recycle" the IDE recorder
In many current motherboards like Gigabyte GA-F2A55M-DS2, no longer include IDE ports , which have been displaced for speed and economy by SATA. 
But if we have such an old IDE DVD Burner 3.5" and we want to continue using it (it is not the time to pull something that works), we can be forced to pay more for a motherboard with those ports, or instead we can place a IDE to USB adapter that functionality allowing us permanently for 4 € (saving us 30 € that costs a new DVD recorder).

As we saw in a previous post , adapters SATA / IDE to USB are very practical; it specifically has to IDE 3.5 "and 2.5" SATA port, very useful when you need to connect hard drives without opening the computer:

You can buy on Ebay from 3.99 shipping included in Spain

We just need build or search for a USB connector on motherboard, which I believe to be the most difficult part (although you can use a box of a PC to go to waste); I for example have obtained one cutting the Firewire 1394 connections (in the first picture the gray cables cut) not be used for anything, and solder the red, white, green and black USB adapter cable at positions corresponding to leave permanently connected to the motherboard:

In the picture below, the adapter connected and working, although I had to remove a lateral from the connector for the power supply on the left:

04 June, 2015

Computer with dropbox slows: Usage Tips

I recently repaired a computer that "slowed down" a lot to boot. It was a laptop with Celeron, quite outdated already. What was my surprise that the cause that produced this problem was they had shared a folder several gigabytes of information in Dropbox  (videos and photos on vacation)  and not a virus; the users wanted to backup everything in the cloud, so that every time Dropbox was checking changes, the hard drive was "going crazy".