17 June, 2015

Lighting by electromagnetic induction: Current best choice for high power lamps

When it is necessary to illuminate a street, building, etc, and lots of light output is required, induction lamps are more profitable than the LED because of its lower price and its durability.

Campana 250W used in warehouse
Key Features:

Natural light (white) light, between 4500 and 6000 ° K, is the most natural, and has the highest CRI; 82%; the colors are more vivid than other technologies.
*  Quick start: As LEDs do not require a time of "warming" to light, they are practically instantaneous.
Long lifetime : While LEDs last 50,000 Hrs (manufacturers often talk longer, but are unreliable data), Magnetics last up to 100,000 hrs (easily reaching the 60,000 hours), mainly because they do not have electrodes as they degrade more slowly than other technologies such as Metal Halide.
Low Power Consumption : They produce 85 lm / W, the more visible light than other technologies such as sodium vapor (yellow), and is improving as it evolves its manufacture.
Ideal for big places because of its larger (requires induction coils so it is difficult to miniaturization).
Cost: High, but less than a LED hood of same characteristics, time of less depreciation, maintenance savings.

Detail magnetic ferrite inductor
In short, you lie that the LED bells are amortized after 60,000 hrs (at the end of its useful life), the induction is amortized over 30,000 hrs and will produce savings to the end of its useful life.

Comparing with technologies that are left unused, for example, while metal halide lamps (HPI) and sodium vapor gives 70% of its light after 5000 hrs, the magnetic induction retain this efficiency to the end of its life ., minimum 60,000 hrs Keep in mind that this is the case at the time of writing this entry in a few years because of their lower prices and improved performance, the LED will overcome all forms of lighting and any power .

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