31 January, 2015

Building a solar panel using polycarbonate base instead of glass

Cell acquired on Ebay ; 3.5W and 14.1% efficiency 100 ud. € 105 from Solar_rex
Lately he has given me to go against the government moves about , and I'll build a couple of experimental solar panels that give me hope 340 Wp. This ideal situation is never going to give, so at least I hope that normally produce about 150W with good sun, that's what I always spend a minimum and thus eliminating the cost of an appliance like a refrigerator; I estimate a saving of about 5 € per month. It's not much, but the cost of all materials as amortizar√© in about 6 years, and if all goes well, will produce about 20 years.
Contrary to what you think our government (as usual), photovoltaic panels HOUSING (I am against them on land until they are more efficient than trees SETTING obtaining energy and CO2) only have advantages for that install and rest of society ; produce more than they consume and generate when it is consumed, stabilizing the system and reducing energy losses. And that that that install "take advantage of the system by eating at other times" is very subjective, and only affect the hours from 17 to 23 hours a day, and that hour the rally can be supplemented by indigenous energy Green generation from solar, very economical and available at those times hubs.

30 January, 2015

Building your own High Quality CREE LED lamp with 700 lumens and spending only 6W

Mounted lamp with recycled parts
In this post we will see how to build a LED lamp for your house with 700 lumens with only 6W power consumption using 3 chips CREE XML T6  fed pure white 166 mA each (6W / 12V = 0,166A) a controller 220V with 6W 12V output power, and something like this cap , but I used a recycled sink another LED lamp 7W (thermally conductive plastic) and a fine of an old E14 energy saving lamp. Total Cost: € 18

The CREE LED chips are expensive but give much light per watt, high quality and durable, enduring the worst working conditions.
By making LEDs work well below their rated power (only 25% according to its spec sheet ) get more light per watt, while also reducing its temperature and lengthen your life until after 30,000 hours . A bulb in which the driver will break down before (10,000 hours estimated by its electrolytic capacitor life) before the LED. Furthermore the CRI (color accuracy) increases the lower the current.

Rehabilitating one Metabo screwdriver with a Li-ion 4400 mAh 12.6V

Metabo BZ 12 SP with DIY Li-Ion Battery
As a gift, I was given an old screwdriver that was going to go to waste. It used the old Ni-MH battery technology or Ni-CD, and you know me ... I love those tools that works wirelessly, so I started to build for it a more economical, durable and powerful li-ion battery than the original, as there are no li-ion batteries for this screwdriver.
Note : Adapting these instructions you will be able to build batteries for any wireless device that you have at home and that, for its price or quality of their batteries, you are considering to throw away.
This requires using Li-ion batteries that allow discharge at 2C at least, or they could be damaged quickly. Lipo could be used but these have half life than other liIon chemistries. The Li-Mn (manganese) allow faster discharging without damage, but are quite expensive, and LiFePo, A123 manufacturer would be ideal, but pricy too.

I found a middle ground in Lico of  Boston Power-shaped like two 18650 united , but actually is a single battery, ovalish format, making better use of the space, and with very good capacity for cases where two batteries are used in parallel (such as laptop batteries), and they have a very good chemistry that is not damaged by 8Ah instantaneous demands such as a screwdriver, retaining its capacity better than others between uses:

See below Load controller chip

29 January, 2015

The humidity at home: Origins and possible solutions

Typical grid to beautify vents
When moisture appears in our house, the most important thing is to find out its origin , since it depends on the applied correctly and lasting solution, avoiding wasted expenditure of time, energy and money.
Moisture not only spoils the walls and all kinds of organic material (mold on leather, wood, etc), but their lack of treatment can be a source of health problems ;fungi, breathing problems (asthma, allergy), etc. While a definitive solution can not locate, we try to keep it in a healthy range (45 to 65% saturation) with a dehumidifier for example.

28 January, 2015

Designing a wood stove: simple, convenient and efficient combustion: Understanding the process of combustion of wood (3)

Picture: Herg√≥m 
To find an optimal design in an oven, we must analyze and understand the process of combustion of wood; variables involved, phases, each phase processes, better combustion conditions, etc., a theme to spare studied by engineers and encompasses knowledge of different subjects: thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, chemical dynamics, mechanical properties and thermal properties of various materials etc.

When designing an effective, safe and easy to build homemade stove, we find the following dilemma:
As the efficiency of the stove grows, so the complexity of it.
However we must look for a committed performance and simplicity and ease of construction that fits the overall needs in burning wood design , and our goal should be that, later to be implemented improvements (also easy to implement if possible ) that can increase performance.

27 January, 2015

Wood stoves with secondary combustion: Less smoke and more performance

In this blog we have been analyzing the benefits of using biomass to heat our home for profitability and ecology.
In this post I will discuss something even more beneficial for our pocket and nature: The technology of double combustion wood stoves. With this system, lacking the vast majority of wood stoves, get even greater performance avoiding much maintenance to avoid the generation of smoke, which the outlet tubes accumulate less soot and tar with use, produced by imperfect combustion of the gases expelled by the timber to catch high temperatures.
Soot particles are carbon that failed to burn and did not pass gas as CO and CO2.

26 January, 2015

Philips vs Braun Shavers, what is technically better?

As you can see in the video, while most Braun afeitaduras use their own proprietary system, in which the blades cut hair using a reciprocating, and is actually the floating plate moving under a thin steel sheets the which makes the cut, in Philips shavers have 2 or 3 discs that cut the hairs that pass between the slots, cutting more effectively and accurately.

The SmartTouch XL; a marvel of Philips

25 January, 2015

Repairing an LCD screen: Replacing blown capacitors

The capacitors are famous for electrolytic fail when subjected to long time of use, temperature and stress, swelling and bursting the top cover where release of the electrolyte liquid inside. Many basis of old computers that had this type of capacitor plates ended up failing after 2 years, and now they are substituted for polymer electrolytic capacitors aluminum, stronger and more durable.

IMPORTANT : Before you throw a screen away because you think beyond repair, ask before budget in an electronic workshop , it may be a small thing (every day are cheaper and sometimes costs more to repair, but still not worth more than a new repair, convenient repair, you are recycling, less waste and investing in local labor).

In this case I was left a screen which two seconds to light the lamps emitting a like a very low "zzzzz" buzzing sound turned off. The sound was probably the vibration of capacitors stage transformation frequency of 50 Hz which is the AC, that being in poor condition that sound emitted.

24 January, 2015

How to heat a home with an open fireplace: Adding a cupper coil, by Rafa

Fireplace coil made of copper by Rafael, with added doors
The people are so rigged. Rafa, a Seville plumber of 52 years, residing in Gerona has been kind enough to share with us their system , very similar to mine , which  for heating radiators leverages the built-in fireplace (yes, those that turn you on ahead and I grow cold by behind), achieving a more than worthy result to save wood and heat the house
He was not aware of these pots (used in villages of the Basque Country for decades), and their parents save money and gave googled my page, went looking for and found Lacunza, in whose  assembly schemes relied for connecting pumps, thermostats , etc., which sells kits pumps and thermostats ready for its chimneys, and the coil was based on the they have for sale Fireplaces Sierra , but made ​​with 15 mts. welded copper tin / silver . Detail thermometer, thermostat at 45 ° C to activate pumps and sensor of the safety valve 90 (not visible in the picture, touching the tube) which triggers a valve that ejects the last water this temperature outside and in turn enter cold water from a faucet automatic filling (in another photo) set to 1.5 bar:

Detail shot regulating door, right thermostat, thermometer and safety valve sensor

The best choice for heating your home (updated 2014)

How do I heat my house cheaply and with greater comfort? This same question I became in the summer of 2006. And now I discuss in this article that will update as circumstances change.
Before heating, is 10 times cheaper and more effective to isolate; in this post or  this one's more information on this topic.
Having analyzed and changed the heating my house I have acquired some knowledge that I share with my readers, since heat your home is a major expense that if we do not choose it may prevent us to make ends meet during the cold winter months ; - ). Nor find myself in possession of absolute truth, so take my advice and reasons for yourself.

23 January, 2015

Building a wood-optimal, safe, efficient and easy firewood: Continuation

Example stove with vermiculite plates and air intake to improve combustion
I keep turning the issue of simple and efficient stove burning (low CO2), my goal before automate with Arduino and complicate thing is to seek simplicity.
Everything should be made ​​as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein
First of all I will discuss a couple of important things in any boiler or fireplace:
  • Pressure of fumes (sub-Atmospheric): It depends on the height of the chimney, caudal (diameter) and flue gas temperature rising by it; more value for any of these three variables shot improvement. If too much heat recovered from combustion, the fireplace is narrow and low rise in output has no anti-wind cap, going to have problems in your smoke fire under; the combustion chamber will be filled with smoke and even put a door will not improve much the problem and the fire may drown in their own CO2. It is important a good shot if you do not want to fill with smoke every time you load wood burning stove.

22 January, 2015

Repair closing system from a door from an AEG Lavamat 5011 washer: The door does not open

In this post we will see how to repair the tab closing the door of a washing machine
At this AEG Lavamat 5011 stopped suddenly open the door . At first I thought it was the next piece, control door lock, but after releasing it, I checked stuck and moved as expected, so it could not be the problem.

We will have to act on the inner part (across) the closing of the door open

21 January, 2015

Video Tutorial: How to change the display to a Samsung I9003 Galaxy SCL

In this post I present my first Video-Tutorial . I will change the whole screen to a I9003touch screen which was broken by a blow, explaining step by step process.
Goes much more environmentally and economically profitable repair a mobile, especially when you still have enough value to buy a new one.

It has been recorded in a completely improvised, so it has some bugs (it cost us more edit that record). Before I recommend:
  • Previously heated through the broken screen, first remove the top (leave the area of ​​buttons, more complicated, for the final). But there will be more chances that the adhesive stays on the screen and you may have to reposition the adhesive sheet as seen in the video.
  • Remove the motherboard by disconnecting all connectors, before starting to remove the screen.
  • I used a knife, but if you can get something sharp hard, best plastic. I do not take responsibility for cuts and wounds;).
I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do so. Comments are welcome!

20 January, 2015

Converting an owl figure on a practical table lamp using LED technology

Craft with LED: As you can see almost any object serves to build a LED lamp
Hello friends, we have seen above that the technology of LED lighting allows you to convert almost any object into a light source , which can unleash our imagination and surprise all and sundry with our creations.
This time I decided to make a very special gift to someone very special, while riding entertained me two 7W LED round (it's a type of aluminum plate on which the semiconductor diodes are used in 14 points per disc).

In a bazaar I noticed an owl by the size of their eyes and its shape well served me to do something original and useful; to be hollow could easily incorporate all the elements.

Making the lights turn on/off with two claps: easy and cheap with Arduino

The box ready with micro in the center
I recently saw how have different modes of intensity in a non-dimmable LED lamp using Arduino,this time we will build a switch operable by two claps followed, very useful to turn off lights, televisions, etc. In our room we stayed switch to desmano bed, so it occurred to me that it would be possible with a micro, build a relay be activating as we had seen so many times on TV, with two claps.
Also it can come in handy for people with disabilities , although in that case it would be better a remote control.
When at last I got with it, it occurred to me that surely someone had done it before, and bingo!one German commented how he had developed on his page , saving me hours of testing with micro.
A micro with an activatable certain volume output greatly simplifies things, so the theory is that the Arduino program simply be listening, and produced two (only two) high hits in less than 0.4 seconds , is likely they are two slaps.
3 component dupont few cables and the USB connector is all we need to prove

19 January, 2015

Can there be life on other planets? Conditions for its existence

Panspermia, a theory for the origin of life
Is there life on other planets? Is it possible? What circumstances would have to be for life as we know it on our planet Earth, which develops exuberantly, it is of other planets? What are the chances that life on other planets, however distant they are?
And the most important question, whether there is any possibility, but the distance makes communication impossible, Could there intelligent life on those planets? 

Since man is set at the stars, these questions have arisen him , pounding his mind, as some of the big questions that should be answered in our modern times. In this informative article will try to find an answer. One day, a scientist tried to estimate the chances of life on other planets would simply calculating statistically your chances as variables sine-qua-non life exist on earth. And the result, he estimates and assumptions on the variables involved, indicated that 10 civilizations would be detectable. It was about the Drake equation , which took into account several variables to calculate this possibility, but that is not considered valid (even you can considered science) because it depends on a highly subjective statistical approaches, can give very different results, plus it did not take into account important elements for life not then know and we will see now. Maybe the variables taken into account were very ambiguous, based on mere conjecture; but if we go to the merits, we are on track, because how what conditions have to have a planet so that it can develop life ? That is the million dollar question ... scientists have different opinions, and although I am not one of them, if we follow the logic and my (few, I must say) knowledge of the origin of life and the influence of several factors that make the earth a perfect breeding ground for her culture, can draw some interesting conclusions.

The origin of life

DIY: Turn your bike into an e-bike for yourself - Step 4/5: Inserting the batteries and setting up the controller

At first I had tried to place the driver Kelly  KBS48101X, 40A, 24-48V  (whose operation will explain in another post) for its multiple options configuration, especially the possibility of regenerative braking adjustable with potentiometer or voltage. There are  dozens of economic drivers on aliexpress  but not the quality of Kelly, that comes with PC connection cable (COM port) included, instructions and downloadable software free, with multiple parameters and configurations, and good technical support, but since I have not yet managed to apply the variable regenerative braking , and does not work in the case of failure of the hall sensors, especially because first I did not properly work (wiring of sensors hall bad indicated), notice the noise that gets in the first test engine, with hall sensors invested, losing 50% of its power: