22 January, 2015

Repair closing system from a door from an AEG Lavamat 5011 washer: The door does not open

In this post we will see how to repair the tab closing the door of a washing machine
At this AEG Lavamat 5011 stopped suddenly open the door . At first I thought it was the next piece, control door lock, but after releasing it, I checked stuck and moved as expected, so it could not be the problem.

We will have to act on the inner part (across) the closing of the door open

Open the door when it is locked for the reason that it is simple if you have patience. You have to release the top cover and with a small screwdriver or the like, push the metal piece shaped hook to the left on the inside , looking from above (there are about 5 mm. between the self-locking mechanism and the door itself from where we can spend the screwdriver and unlock at a time).
Do not just move the lock, you have to act directly on the door hook.

We will see that when operating the manual release mechanism, the latch does not flinch; the plastic tab is broken, so we will have to disassemble and repair. To release the door for repair, you have to remove the bracket screws on the inside (in this case covered by a plastic cover):

We remove the remaining screws and prying into the slot with a screwdriver, let fastening tabs removing the inner plastic to separate :

And will access the broken piece. In the picture below I have already replaced the part that goes from one side to another by a piece of wire of 2.5 mm. in diameter (obtained from an electrode used for welding but any material slightly flexible and resilient it would). Then with the dremel and a drill I scored a hole where would tie the wire , and to give the assembly more resistance I have bent with inverted U-shaped with a round pliers and another plane to divide the voltage across the plastic part:

On the other hand I have put another straight piece, once you've done a plastic recess where would stay. And finally I stuck around so it does not move with two components epoxy glue 5 minutes. 
The straight strip then I've realized that it was not necessary , since the plastic cap screw presses on that side of the pier (two wires that are stand down), to maintain tension and not open to medium wash ;).

When mounting the ends sticking beat me , it would have been better cut but I preferred to open the hole in the plastic where stuck reviewing the dremel, cuts in the image below:

To do stress upon the piece to place let the latch in the same position as the original plastic (make presentation pieces to check), which is at an angle of 90 ° approx., Because if it does not close tightly detector open door will force us to revise the repair.
I do not understand how they can make the so weak closure; if the user forces the door thinking it is no longer blocked the break with relative ease. If you replace the tab that pushes other metal opening the difference in price would be 50 cents in production.
This home repair we have avoided buying the whole door ; and we have recycled, helping to work with nature;)

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