26 January, 2015

Philips vs Braun Shavers, what is technically better?

As you can see in the video, while most Braun afeitaduras use their own proprietary system, in which the blades cut hair using a reciprocating, and is actually the floating plate moving under a thin steel sheets the which makes the cut, in Philips shavers have 2 or 3 discs that cut the hairs that pass between the slots, cutting more effectively and accurately.

The SmartTouch XL; a marvel of Philips

I use from adolescence shaving razors and twice I've tried Braun, and I can not be more upset with its performance. They are noisier, can with stubble are not even painful to use, taking the hairs tendency to get caught between the blade and the blades more than with Philips.

Detail of the blades of the Philips

Detail of blades Braun
Although in the video we are comparing a low range of Braun and other high of Philips, I have also tried the cheap Philips and even slower to shave SmartTouch XL that are also much more desirable than the Braun.

What I will tell the Philips HQ 9140 SmartTouch XL?
It is very quiet, the battery lasts 85 minutes, rechargeable, super comfortable, easy to clean and can be cleaned under the tap and also with its extra set of blades takes less than none at let's as soft as a child's face.
The SmartTouch-XL incorporates the latest innovative shaving technology. Thanks to the tracking system SmartTouch contour of your face, the entire head of the shaver as well as the individual shaving heads, can move better following the curves of the face. The shaving heads Speed-XL provide 50% more shaving surface have more blades to catch more hairs, and more slots and holes to catch shorter hairs for a shave really hurry with fewer strokes and less irritation.

SmartTouch Contour-following facial 
The tracking system SmartTouch facial contours allows movement around the head of the shaver as well as individual shaving heads, facilitating better monitoring of the curves of the face.
Shaving heads Speed-XL 
The shaving heads Speed-XL provide 50% more shaving surface for a faster shave. Have more blades to catch more hair in a single pass, providing a more comfortable shave. In addition, the heads have more holes to catch even the shortest hairs,  providing a closer shave. 
Control of personal comfort 
The exclusive personal comfort control adjusts floating shaving heads to the proper pressure for your skin and beard. Select the desired setting when you first shave with SmartTouch-XL, and you get an extremely rushed, safe and with less friction and less skin irritation every time you use shaving.
Super Lift & Cut 
The Super Lift & Cut system lifts hair and gives the best shave hairs 15 micrometres average. It takes fewer movements, which also helps reduce skin irritation.
Water resistant
Simply put the shaver under the tap to clean quickly, simple and hygienic.
This shaver is fully charged in just one hour, providing up to 30 days of cordless shaving. If you do not have much time, a quick 3-minute charge will be enough for a cordless shaving.
Two LED indicators display shows when the shaver is charging and when it is fully charged.

As for the Braun Cruzer 2, this reads your advertising:
- Independent floating Art that perfectly suits your skin and contours of your face for a greater hurry.
- The smartcoil film captures hairs growing in different directions for a shave in fewer strokes.
- Wide Profiler when you're shaving stubble; the short pin extends for optimum cutting.
- Is loaded in 1 hour and shaving with a load for 30 minutes.

- Small and lightweight, washable under running water.

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