06 October, 2016

Types of Batterie Management Systems (BMS); building new batteries for our equipment

Complementing the already abundant information on this blog about batteries, recycling and repair, and BMS, I will analyze the types of BMS and qualities that we can find among Chinese BMS. The main reason for the short life of batteries any type is often their poor maintenance ; either because they remain flat or that are downloaded more than convenient (both lead as Li-ion do not tolerate discharges well below a certain level). To protect the batteries (particularly lithium dangerous if overloaded or short -circuited), the " battery Management Systems " or BMS come into play to good use and long battery life.

How to Choose the BMS we need

04 October, 2016

Solar thermal collector configuration supporting gas/oil boiler

Antonio from Orense had a solar panel with a deposit of 150 lts connected to the same circuit ACS but separately, so that when it was sunny had to walk opening and closing keys to harness this energy and save fuel in the oil boiler.
With solar thermal energy (pre - heat the water with a solar collector) all are advantages. This renewable energy system is today the fastest amortized, usually in two years the installation is amortized, and lasts up to 30 years , with minimal maintenance. It's easy money, and who have not it installed, properly sized, they are throwing money to the trash, literally.

After analyzing your installation of ACS (ignoring the heating pipes), I advised him to use solar thermal as we do; supporting boiler  (gas in our case).
The method is simple; it provides warm water tank directly to the boiler, so that it only has to provide sufficient energy to bring it to the temperature (usually 60 °), and so you forget.

02 October, 2016

DIY: Avoid overheating problems on your PS3 with a chip and sensor for 5 bucks

With a small chip Digispark ATtiny85 will see how to regulate the fan of the PS3 (or any PWM-controlled fan) depending on temperature, avoiding wear and tear prematurely. 
Engineers PS3 gave priority to the silence of the PS3 , since it is intended to be a center of games and multimedia, so the processors can reach damaging temperatures for the welds thereof, and within a few years ends up breaking down by poor contact welding (reparable only with reflow or reballing).
The PS3 has a pulse PWM controlled fan, Atmel ATtiny85 and can be easily programmed with the Arduino IDE.
There are examples on Youtube and internet people that has regulated the fan fixedlyto go ever faster (with a resistance in the gray wire connected to the 12V, regulating 1V approx., Or with a potentiometer to do it manually) but is not the best solution because it does not consider the processor temperature (which can vary greatly depending on ambient temperature), and although it works, having to cover all cases, there isusually noisier.  and with this solution we have the advantage that if we hear the very loud fan, you will surely have a problem of lack of ventilation dust or other problem.