21 January, 2015

Video Tutorial: How to change the display to a Samsung I9003 Galaxy SCL

In this post I present my first Video-Tutorial . I will change the whole screen to a I9003touch screen which was broken by a blow, explaining step by step process.
Goes much more environmentally and economically profitable repair a mobile, especially when you still have enough value to buy a new one.

It has been recorded in a completely improvised, so it has some bugs (it cost us more edit that record). Before I recommend:
  • Previously heated through the broken screen, first remove the top (leave the area of ​​buttons, more complicated, for the final). But there will be more chances that the adhesive stays on the screen and you may have to reposition the adhesive sheet as seen in the video.
  • Remove the motherboard by disconnecting all connectors, before starting to remove the screen.
  • I used a knife, but if you can get something sharp hard, best plastic. I do not take responsibility for cuts and wounds;).
I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do so. Comments are welcome!

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