04 October, 2016

Solar thermal collector configuration supporting gas/oil boiler

Antonio from Orense had a solar panel with a deposit of 150 lts connected to the same circuit ACS but separately, so that when it was sunny had to walk opening and closing keys to harness this energy and save fuel in the oil boiler.
With solar thermal energy (pre - heat the water with a solar collector) all are advantages. This renewable energy system is today the fastest amortized, usually in two years the installation is amortized, and lasts up to 30 years , with minimal maintenance. It's easy money, and who have not it installed, properly sized, they are throwing money to the trash, literally.

After analyzing your installation of ACS (ignoring the heating pipes), I advised him to use solar thermal as we do; supporting boiler  (gas in our case).
The method is simple; it provides warm water tank directly to the boiler, so that it only has to provide sufficient energy to bring it to the temperature (usually 60 °), and so you forget.

Initial ACS circuit diagram

It goes without thermostat because it directly regulates the boiler. All diesel boilers I know carry a small exchanger regulated by temperature, and water in the boiler is maintained at about 60 to just open the tap, having already hot water. If we put water and preheated from the sensor, less time and sometimes you have to turn on , saving is complete and more perfect than if regul├íramos the origin of the source with a solenoid valve.

Us instead of diesel, is a special gas heater for solar thermal , that all he does is adjust the flame according to the outlet water temperature, factory calibration at 60 ° C. Le I have connected the solar thermal storage tank to cold water, so that when water enters the flame 50 is practically turned off, or minimum, which saves a lot.
In the next picture you can see how the circuit was modified (indicated in black on the diagram) , changing the cold water connection ACS that goes to the boiler for solar thermal take it ; it's simple. You have to remove the plug from the general (is crossed out) so that there is no return (if you could not spend hot water by opening the cold at any point). Or put a check valve, but eventually chose to leave the connection behind the stopcock and keep it closed, as shown in the following photos.

You see how easy it is to use the sun to save on energy bills of your house. What do you expect to apply thermal panels on your roof?

Thanks Antonio for sharing!

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