15 July, 2015

Changing the hard drive of a Lacie Network Space 2

A couple of years ago I bought this super NAS (Network Storage) Lacie with Linux operating system, good performance and very low power consumption (you can set it to shut off at 20 min. without use, very convenient for longer life of your hard drive).

The disc It had got too small, so using Clonezilla, I opened the box (to do only handle in the area led out all the cover up), and I cloned the 1TB disk to another larger than 2 TB. To exploit its full capacity, we have to resize the XFS partition data to use all the free space remaining with the Gparted (free Linux program).

The Gparted allows us to do all sorts of operations on partitions (image of their web)

Both programs have included the Linux "Parted Magic" environment within the Utility CDof free software for maintenance and repair "Hiren", which can dump to a bootable USB in minutes with any of the utilities available on the Internet .

If you broke the hard drive of your Network Space 2, no problem, I made a Clonezilla image of it (how many times I have been helped by good people over the Internet, these are my "two cents"): here you can download ityou just have to remove the folder and tell Clonezilla to copy the partition configuration to a new SATA hard disk, you can use HD from 1TB and over (adapting the XFS partition as mentioned).



  1. Hi,
    I have a problem with a crashed Lacie Network Space 2 1TB and was about to throw it away, but fortunately I read your excellent post, so decide to have a go at it. My plan is install a 4TB disk. Can I use your instructions as they are or is there something that needs to changed?

    Best regards,

  2. hello goran, you resolve the problem with the lacie network space 2 unit?

    1. Hello, recently I posted a step-by-step how-to to repair those Lacie NAS here:


      I hope it is useful for you.

  3. Hello. Link with image is broken, can you fix that?

    1. It is better to replace the firmware entirely: http://crecimiento-sostenible.blogspot.com.es/2017/03/repairing-and-updating-lacie-nas-fvdw.html