17 August, 2016

Replacing the battery ARRAY Ni-MH battery with a Li-Ion one

In this post we will see another example of updating a NI-MH battery for Li-ion another , much more durable and with no memory effect, in addition to saving bucks in the long run on batteries. These modified batteries are two years running without any problem, and that they were batteries in its final cycle of use, recycled.

Disk arrays on servers usually have an acceleration unit with memory and a battery to prevent data loss in the event that there is a black-out.
Since the Ni-MH array accelerator many HP servers work with 3.6V (three 1.2V rechargeable batteries in series) is replaced by a single Li-ion protected working between 3 and 4 battery , 2V (at 3.6V is 40% capacity).
The original battery, spare ref. 307132-001 HP is 500mAh, so a Li-ion 2600 mAh far exceeds that capacity, so it will retain more energy and for more years than the original having no "memory effect" (probably last longer the server itself), protecting better against unexpected power outages data (also recommended a UPS).

Although the original voltage is 3.6V, in the end, because the charge controller always delivers something else to keep it fully charged, at the end I saw that the Li-ion reaches 100% load without damaging with those 4.2V circuit (checked after two years working with many off / on).

To replace be welded a Li-Ion that includes circuit protection (most are on the negative side), and if not, add one (I took one that was saved by not requiring it the application of other batteries to bring another control external).

Simply extract the battery (lifting the plastic tab on top), we opened a dremel or the like by the union, remove the old and with a pair of wires soldered to the positive and negativeconnections as appropriate (note well polarity before removing the old). with a little silicone or the like the we hold , and we put the battery in the cache, to continue performing its function.

128MB accelerator unit and the battery removed

And the end result is the following , I've also attached the lid on top, but not necessary:

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  1. Nice one. I will try making a little hole and placing the battery outside like this other MOD http://opensource.wrenhill.com/?p=63

    But I need a bit of information about the protecting chip you placed with the Li-ion battery. It's for giving only 3.6V to the raid cache memory, or to protect the battery from overcharges ?