04 November, 2014

Avoiding punctures on the bike: Fundax Leather Bands

I was looking at how to protect my electric bike from punctures (occasionally I like to go mountain, and the street itself usually glass and other sharp items) because the wheel with engine is more difficult to repair, and it is now easier for me doing 100 kms routes with the extra help of the engine.

First, have a good tire is essential. I have put a mixed Bontrager , and being "eco" low rolling resistance, not "dig" up hill as usual plug-covered tires, and I can also use them on something slippery surfaces like grass or dirt with no problem. Your heel height gives me an extra puncture protection, but I fear that when wearing a little, small skewers I've usually had to repair (as I already consider myself an expert in that matter), begin to appear.

To avoid this, I researched and even a friend recommended me to inflate with a foam to prevent punctures, which it does is fill the hole, auto-driying with the air, but did not convince me at all, because they add weight to go wiping every few months (every time we need to fill them), is ineffective in addition to holes larger than 3 mm.

After looking at the options on the internet regarding protective bands that stand between the camera and the cover in the end I opted for the leather Fundax like Javier, who came to the same conclusions on his blog , as are the that seem to go better, without adding too much weight, very long-lived and don't damage the tire as with the plastic.

Surprise! They are manufactured here in Spain, what a pleasant read "made in Spain" :)

Its texture is fur, smells like treated fur with titanium and unions are well finished (logic, skins usually do not have much length). I tried to pierce and offers good resistance, as any leather or better.

If you don't have money, you can also put a car seat from a salvage yard, several have done and works for them;).
Thanks to these "cases" I hope to forget for a long time puncture on my bike !!

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