06 November, 2014

3D printing: Closer to the general public

Since companies like Shapeways that can mail you printed the piece that your imagination is capable of creating up, like design your own jewelry in precious metals or plastics , 3D printing is becoming closer to being the next fashion, displacing the "smartphones" in sales.

3D printing can create objects and forms impossible to create another method of manufacture, and is becoming increasingly more accessible to the average citizen, 3D machines "DIY" from 800 € (note that the white pieces have been created by other 3D printer): 

3D Printing Community
The 3D printer builds models "layer by layer" implemented on a physical stacking it slowly, moving the head in both directions and moving the base layer by layer; for now it's a slow process but they are making great progress. By the way you work, you can not do impressions "on the air"; all parts of the object must have a lower support, which partially limits the designs; limitations are overcome with imagination.
The possibility of creating your own plastic objects from a 3D design on your computerin a matter of hours represents an unprecedented revolution in the field of home accessories. 
And they can not just print small objects, depending on the size of the impresiora; we can also make items that fit into multiple parts, almost as strong as if it were molded in a single piece. 
Or to discuss another example, we can create the mold so that the jewel of our dreams, in silver, gold, or other metal, with few limitations, the possibilities are almost endless. 

Owl necklace for: Download from Thingiverse
You imagine your favorite animal print, create your own necklace with the figure that you like, or your own adjedrez of the "Star Wars" ... which begs the question ... is it the beginning of a business 3D designs? Of course, as you can see 3D designs for sale on the internet, ormicrofinance schemes to release to the public libraries of designs for free use (like the pioneers Makerbot 3D printers ), the revolution has just begun. 

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