01 November, 2014

Installing Windows 7 on an Acer Aspire 1690 or 1692LMi

Windows 7 is currently the best operating system of Microsoft, for speed, security and compatibility, being as fast as XP on computers with enough memory (2GB of RAM recommended), on computers with little RAM is highly recommended to install version Starter, occupies the least. 

But when installed on older computers like ACER Aspire laptop, you have to look for lifebecause some drivers are not directly available on the website of the computer manufacturer. 
The first thing to do is check if some drivers, but did not come with the Windows 7 DVD, may be in line for example in the Aspire 1692LMi both IrDA infrared port sound as we have them available if we give automatic driver search. 

Depending on the computer, we have to find out if there are compatible drivers available, usuallythose for Windows Vista will run smoothly on Windows 7. 

Installing drivers on Aspire 1692LMi step by step: 
  1. For Wifi unzip and run this file in administrator mode, and although we give error to restart will automatically recognize the wireless card built in. If it still will not install, installing all Windows updates will recognize.
  2. For the built-in card reader, it is worth us with Controller ATI website, here you have it available .
  3. For sound and infrared, as we discussed, we give automatic search online, or install all updates are installed automatically.
  4. To install the video card Ati Radeon X700 Mobitily, you must download and unzip this file several ancient Mobility Controllers, the "9-11_legacy_7_vista_32-64_dd_ccc_mobility"eg C: /, and then proceed to install the .inf folder C: \ ATI \ Support \ 9-11_legacy_vista32-64_dd_ccc \ Packages \ Drivers \ Display \ LH_INF manually:

How to install a driver manually on Windows 7

Within the Device Manager, right-click and "Update Driver"

Select "Search for driver on your computer"

We show you "pick from a list of drivers on my computer"

Select "Have Disk", and give it to examine

We look in the folder where we unzipped the driver the appropriate .INF

It will display the compatible hardware (if you have this option enabled), warning us that is not signed

We ignore the warning and install the driver anyway
And we have the installed controller supports Aero, so animations, refresh screen data, videos, etc no longer go to balances, but flowing through the 3D and 2D acceleration ATI built.

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