31 October, 2014

How to Refill toner cartridges from laser printer

Refill toner cartridges from our laser printer can save over 80% on printing costs while contributing to reducing waste that is difficult to recycle (different plastics, aluminum, metal parts of the drum, toner, in a piece).
When toner is spent, the cartridge is empty, but cartridge parts (roller, gears, etc.), usually endure two or more times without loss of quality copies.
Further results will be the same as the original cartridge (if used toner compatible) while the plastic parts roller that transfers the ink does not wear.
TIP: Just make more than 50 copies per year as we get more cost effective to purchase a cheap color laser printer (between 100 and 200 €) with which we will save a lot of money on the cost per copy over the years compared to those of ink.
In this case, the HP Laserjet CM1312 toner brings a Factory endure only 500 copies called "test toner" and when they run are in perfect condition to be refilled, and put up the new ones enduring 1500 (covering the middle usual 5% of each page). 
The good thing is that it brings a CM1312 meters in cartridges that can be canceled without change in the configuration of the printer: 
Enter the menu, moving the arrows to the "Replacing consumable" option and select "ignore exhausted."
Also in the computer changed the configuration utility print status to not bother us: 
Start-> hp-> hp color laserjet CM1312 series-> hp color laserjet CM1312 series toolbox-> known-Printers> hp color laserjet CM1312 (USB00X) -> configuration of device-> System Settings-> ignore empty cartridge warning
Refilling cartridges 

Once purchased the boats, which tend to bring the following amounts, proceed to filling. 

Cyan = 45g
Magenta = 45g
Jaune = 40g
Black = 55g

Cartridges for laser printers usually bring a white cap aside to simply remove, fill and replace but costs less pierce the cartridge directly on top, so I opted for this option. 

Can be drilled in various ways; is best to use a heat punch . Another option is with a soldering iron, we melt some plastic until liquid from the hole. What I've done (at the risk of falling bits of plastic inside the cartridge and then not work all that well) is to use a dremel and cut a small rectangle where the plastic cannula entering the boat. 

Careful not to pour out the toner, inclined at 60 ° and we both moved to the tremor go down her weight within ( Video toner filler ). We can squeeze a little pot, but it is easier, being very fine powder that comes out, staining the cartridge and us.

After filling well sealed with tape:

We proceed with the other colors:

And once the recycling operation will have a fully functional printer at a fraction of the cost per copy of the new. 

If this operation is complicated you, you can also take you to the fill or buy compatible or remanufactured toners which usually work very well and are cheaper. 

More info: 
Where to buy: For example on this page in Spain, also shows very economical heat-bites.
Some cartridges are easier or harder to fill, inquire here .

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