28 October, 2014

Calculating the cost of lighting according to the type of bulb

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With the price of electricity rising steadily, and the prices of CFLs, correct evaluation of what type of lighting to use at home is necessary to not lose sleep over the bill. 

Recently I commented the advantages and (current) limitations of the LED; this post by a simple calculation table, see what it would cost to illuminate a room, hallway, or whatever depending on the type of lamp chosen. 

Ex LED lamp with E27 and 420 lumens with 6W consumption.; glows like a traditional 30W

I entered the data for five similar lighting lamps (1000 lumens); comparable to a 75W traditional incandescent bulb: 
  1. E27 LED lamp ; 10 / 12W consumption
  2. Philips CFL; Consumption 15W
  3. Halogen; 50W, their advantage is that they last longer and shine a little more (because it uses another gas).
  4. Traditional low power ; use halogen technology.
  5. Traditional 75W
Is not taken into account the design of the lamp, or if they are switched on shortly, how this affects the lamp (CFL in his life would be shortened, would have to adjust the hours of operation provided).
If any readers see something improved or an error, let him appreciate and comment.

Suppose we want to calculate how much it will cost to light and a spot light bulbs 1000 lumens (equivalent to 75W incandescent), for 20 years, and 2 hours per day.
We change the values ​​of "Hours daily use" and "Years", updating the cost per kWh of electricity, c s we can see, both the LED, such as compact and linear fluorescent are those that ultimately are more economical for ignition 2 hours per day:

(Although with only 2 hours on the linear would spoil before, falling to about 15,000 hrs).
And many hours are on, plus the advantage of LED and fluorescent is:

A difference of € 600 for a single point of light stays on 8 hours a day ... Better forget incandescent, friends.

You can do your calculations on the next page; to change the values ​​in bold, you will know what you ought to:
Spreadsheet in Google Drive

On sheet two there is the original, in case the principal has been damaged for any reason.

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