23 October, 2014

Modifying Dacia key to accommodate longer lasting battery

Hello dear readers. Today I will discuss a small modification I made to my remote control car, a Dacia Sandero diesel, a simple, robust and economical european car, both in price and consumption. 

The fact is that after two years he spent battery charge, and it uses battery fine, I modified the housing to allow the battery to fit in a fatter, CR2032 button battery 3V. 
This requires filing a bit with a dremel or similar and a touch of stone or sand bur few small plastic stops where the new battery paste. 

(This document was translated using Google Translator from the original spanish article)

First you have to remove the contact plate of the positive pole, this requires cleaning the plastic rivets that secure, so you can leave (but not eliminate them entirely, because then they have to re-grip a little piece, with pressure fatter battery hold it in place). 
Then below that piece and placing the new battery see where hits, and with patience and dedication (as always lol) have to gently remove the bumps that do not allow batteries to enough.

And then assemble all ready! we have battery for several years without maintenance XD.

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