30 October, 2014

How to weld aluminum and other nonferrous alloys easily with Durafix

Thank Durafix a zinc-based alloy and other materials, have managed to repair a bike aluminum BH we had forgotten in the attic for having a broken rear frame. 

Welding aluminum is very complicated, or at least it was until I tried to use Durafix; No welding aluminum and I can stand. The welds are stronger than aluminum itself, and instead the material melts before I do the base (aluminum) material, so that we can "work it" with some tool. 
Moreover it serves to weld many types of materials, such as brass, bronze, copper, non-ferrous etc. 

For welding Durafix just need a torch and a bristle brush stainless steel, scrape the area well to remove the layer of aluminum (a thin layer called alumina which protects it) to grip it tightly oxide, otherwise it will not work, and heat the area well in advance (by approaching the melting point of aluminum but without it), simply rub the stick, which will be melting while binds and being careful not to give too much heat to the area to avoid lift it, but still cast is quite dense and difficult to pick (can use pieces of aluminum as a barrier). Never heat the bar, but the bonding area. 
Important to warm the area well, if we just merge the top bar will not bind well. Furthermore, if the material is thick, it is advisable to give a small cut or V bevel so that material Durafix penetrate well into the union. In our case we could even put a round piece of aluminum that was saved from scrapping a printer to reinforce inside. My brother is a crack! 

Results welding Durafix harder than the original!
I recommend the following video, really worth although expensive, I bought 20 sticks and only spend 4 or 5; after a first weld was not quite there and could not take a good bump (because of the difficulty of access, could not hold the sprocket), we went back to clean up, placing a piece of aluminum rod inside the tube to make it solid and re-weld good about, and I let him hold what;). 

DO NOT believe that you will have that ability with the very first welding; it is best to practice a bit with some minor welding skills to be taking; see it's very simple.

Happy soldering!

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