28 October, 2014

Irretrievably Erasing a hard drive: Secure-erase your data

Before throwing a computer that has no basis in the trash, think twice, because some unscrupulous could recover all your information even if you have formatted the hard disk.
Note: When you delete files are not physically deleted from the disk, but for reasons of speed and recoverability only the "direction" of the file is deleted from the hard disk. It happens when we format a disk similar to "quickly".
Previously we discussed how to recover data from hard drives (my favorite for this is Redo Backup , which will soon explain their fascinating abilities).
To avoid this, it is best to make a low-level format with a free program for personal use as eg.HDD Low Level format Tool .
The free version of HDD LLF is limited to 50MB / sec (which is pretty fast, equivalent to a maximum of SATA v2), but if you want more speed, then use Redo Backup and Recovery , in his "Factory Reset" option.
We connect the disk we want to delete a Windows computer, and open the application.
Select the hard disk in question being careful not to make mistakes (no way to recover the data later) and click in the tab "LOW-LEVEL FORMAT". We give "format this device", and within hours we will have the hard drive as when it left the factory:

Another option is to format it quickly and then fill impersonal files; as movies or songs; all we had personally definitely be removed, crushed by the new information. 
Do not ever burn or give hammer; difficult to recycle;-)
More info: 
Redo Backup and Recovery

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