22 October, 2014

Adding a mp3 headset to a 3M hearing protection

If you are lucky enough to work in a factory with the times, surely ye be required to wear helmets as a image.

The workshop music rarely it gets, and even went down, between the noise and helmets could barely hear, but ... what if we add a mp3 to helmets?

Use this idea with responsibility; if you put loud music, maybe you do not hear a fellow warning danger.
A friend had the bright idea to do it, and here is the result.

(This document was translated using Google Translator from the original spanish article)

On one side is the mp3 with USB connector for charging on the side, and a cable that passes across the upper part, can listen to music by one of the ears, so that does not prevent you from working normally and repetitive tasks in needless concentration, distracted-ing XD. 

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