27 October, 2014

Changing brushes on washing machine

Too often, there are washers in perfect condition thrown in recycling because repair costs are too high and not worth repairing, and the consumer has to assess whether it is worth it because you do not know if it will give more problems or not, and with the aid renewal of appliances, makes you thinking twice.
But if it's a quality machine, and low power consumption with less than 10 years like this AEG, and the problem is that the brushes are worn (AEG usually eat them fast), always it is worth to repair it; two wipers is 15 €.

To access the brushes Lavamat AEG-5011 / 5012 have to remove the rear cover or case, which involves exposing half the labadora (handy for technicians, a success of AEG), takes several screws, both at the top, of which only removal of those to the rear half of the housing, and more difficult, leading to the sides at the bottom behind a plastic plug, because you have to use a hexagonal socket wrench to 8 I think it is.

Once access the engine, each blade is secured by two screws, and carry a particular position. In the images we can see them on either side of the engine, affecting slightly inclined on the segments of the winding. 

Once we let go of these brushes, we can look at the reference you are silk screened on charcoal: 0406B L94MF7; The first issue is the type of housing of the brush, and the second is the brush itself, and it is easy to find on the SAT AEG, but I bought it on eBay for the reference of the brush. When I arrived the carcass was found to be different, but I could place the brushes in the old plastic housings adapted a bit with dremel or similar, and put back the washer to wash. 

What a great invention, we can not live without the washing machine!

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