22 October, 2014

Get professional photos on your Android phone with HDR Camera

When we get a picture with a camera either, and there is a great contrast of light from one area to another, or out overexposed photo if we get all the details of the dark side (in the photo below, the reflections in the cups): 

Image Gallaxy S SCL focusing the dark side of the glasses

Or the details of the shaded areas are lost, when we focus on the brighter side, as shown in the following image:

Galaxy S SCL image focusing the white part of the vessels
(This document was translated using Google Translator from the original spanish article)

Using the HDR technique, which involves taking three photos with different exposures and bring them together to form one with the full range of lighting and see all the details, we can give our landscapes and pictures of stationary objects in a professional quality.

Photograph taken with Gallaxy S SCL using HDR Camera +

Unlike digital cameras, which carry a fixed software, an Android phone with a rather decent camera we can get vivid color and detail using free and subsequent treatment as HDR Camera +, available with ads or just € 1.5 without ads. (Available only for phones with a sufficiently powerful processor as the Galaxy S).

Even serve to greatly improve these night shots, or sunlight on the beach. Features: 
  • Supports the full resolution of your mobile.
  • Real HDR: exposure bracketing and tone mapping.
  • Simple: Get a HDR image with just a touch of the screen.
  • HDR images fused and tone mapped on device within seconds (depending on the speed of the mobile).
  • Compensation hand-shake, making it unnecessary to have a steady hand or use a tripod.
  • Correct handling of moving objects, removing ghost (this does not always work well, for moving images better not to use).
  • You can control tone-mapping parameters: contrast, micro-contrast, color intensity, exposure.
  • Option to save original images framed.
  • Location tagging option.
  • You can mute the shutter sound.
  • Support for Flash on / off / auto.

All those that I understand to be a fan of photography and Android, don't miss this great application. 


With HDR Camera we can take pictures at the resolution of our Android and finishing touches with this technique and color filters and noise applied. The program will monitor our movement by engaging the different takes and minimizing fuzzy finishes. We can also configure the different parameters of the shots to get amazing photos. 

To download: Go Play Android (requires Android 2.2+ to run). 

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