31 October, 2014

Spreading the heat from a smokestack with very little money

Low heat with heat removal by natural draft failing to place the drywall

In this post I will discuss the "invention" that has made ​​Jose, the previous entry that heats the house with a Hergóm stove to get more heat from a low fire.
Recently we were invited kindly to spend the evening at home, and we saw how he had prepared the Hergóm and how well it worked, and incidentally told me another idea that seduced me for its effectiveness, which he has kindly left me to share with you.
I had read somewhere on the possibility of putting tubes to extract the heat from the flames to the local, but had never seen implemented as well as it did Jose.

It is an ingenious system that removes most of the heat from the flames by the operation of two principles; that the hot air rises, and atmospheric pressure.
Let me explain:

  • On one side is sealed local (almost), because it has more air inlets to the pipe through the home (or stack), so that the flames, while climbing because warm air is lighter, make natural draft, "sucking" air of the room, which has no other site you get the pipe through fire. On the one hand ensures that no harmful cold air currents, and other system efficiency is maximized because we do not need fans. And there is no danger for local air constantly is renewed by the preheated air stream exiting the open tube you see in the first picture. It is also self-regulating, more fire, more shooting, more heat to the room.
  • On the other hand, the cold air entering the street at the bottom of the fire itself heat collecting tubes amounts to the upper tubes of the circuit, helping to maximize the siphon effect.
Moreover, while the local is sufficiently tight (Jose succeeds in placing a blanket rack garage door when you turn fire), no danger of overheating by stainless steel tubes are based; the air that moves through is enough to keep them fresh and will not even red. It is not advisable to use galvanized pipes steel or the like, because it spoils their protection and over time can corrode and break down with moisture.
The tubes for best results, have provided immediate superior moving a little closer to home, to make sure the flames give everyone the same and get more surface contact with the flames:

The required equipment is only aluminum tube and four or five stainless steel tubes. just a meter used for fireplaces.
The lower entrance to the next image goes directly to a vent in the street (you have to put a rack to avoid obstructions of animals, and ensure that it is always clean suciendad), on the other hand is connected to the lower tube, and the following are connected together with elbows made from pieces of the same hose.
Jose has covered the elbows making a small box that has been filled with sand, according to him to keep warm, but it was not even necessary because heat is lost there is always going to end up in the room. Suffice to seal the tubes placed so that no exhaust smoke.

This system can be applied to existing fire perforating the rear for adding galvanized pipes, bends and so on. 

A Jose just needs to place the drywall to cover and beautify the stove, leaving an opening where you plug in the tube that drains the hot air jet. I can not wait to see it finished! 

But it is first finished installing another wood stove with heat extraction fans in the great room, with natural warmth that will not miss the cold days of winter!

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