26 October, 2014

How to Build a battery for a Krautkramer USM 25 ultrasound equipment

Krautkramer USM 25 ( source )
Today was the challenge ahead: Search spare parts for rechargeable NI-MH battery 4.8V of anultrasound machine Krautkramer USM 25 Nr. 35274. 

The price for a spare rechargeable battery from the brand owner, GE, was outrageous, so I had to find a way to manufacture it and save good money. This battery is disarmed: 

It has 4 rechargeable batteries 1.2 V each; 1.2 * 4 = 4.8 Volts, wrapped in plastic and a PVC tube outside
The problem I couln´t find the appropiate battery with those measures; about 43 mm. . x Ø22 mm, but thanks to wikipedia and looking at types of batteries , I located your name: Sub C.
It's funny, because it takes a piece of PVC to separate one of them, I guess to make it harder to replace (spare parts worth their thing). And they go into a plasticized PVC cartridge.

I was just searching the internet for a Spanish supplier for this type of battery; they had to be Ni / MH and the largest capacity, or have very little autonomy equipment (stack consume outrageous). I found two, one French "bateriasbaratas" or something, and another, Wildfire Batteries in Madrid.
I have already asked 8 units for a fraction of what the manufacturers asked to be paid.

Well... now I just have to wait for them to arrive and manufacture it as I have done beforewith other batteries ; I will add photos when.
07.03.12 Sub C batteries arrived; confirm that they are the same size (by persfectiva camera may seem a little different, but they are equal) that has both plastic protection as the other:

To solder batteries with other must trim excess metal where they go and scrape together something (eg sandpaper.) To apply heat, and then joined estañarlas. (If you have doubts find a tutorial on 40W soldering welder and tin.)
In the long piece of metal appears to contain some sort of protection (to protect against reverse polarity perhaps); pay it again respecting polarity:

Place the separator PVC cylinder and look like this: 

Negative with positive soldered to place in series trim excess metal, and finally, to improve the contact of the positive, I have a glob tin soldier: 

And finally get back to the 4 batteries in PVC and look cannulated with a little duct tape, and cheap energy !! 

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