26 April, 2015

Turn off RadioCD in a Xsara Picasso car: Connection to the burner

We dropped the front screws and side to find the lighter wiring
RadioCD included by factory in the Citroen Xsara Picasso does not disconnected immediately after removing the key, so remains on a couple of minutes after the unit is disconnected.
In this case it is advisable to connect the red wire RadioCD "ON" (not the one going to the battery, but the activator) to positive cable of the burner, and then this hassle is avoided.

There is no need to release the cover of the dashboard controls, but as additional information and to facilitate the passage of the cable may come in handy; 2008 version be discovered the two screws below the gearshift bezel and then slowly pry, will drop the tabs takes about:

It is not necessary to release the bezel
Loosen the bottom is more complicadillo, because it takes two screws on each side and two others at least in the front, in the hollow of the ashtray ; I have not been able to get it out without releasing integer:

We spent a 1.5 mm at least from the socket to the positive RadioCD burner

Once you access the wiring to the burner, the yellow / green is the ground or negative, and white positive; it is the target to be connected .
If you leave fiáYo soldiers have seized three additional wires soldered to the negative, positive and security sensor (thin green wire) in the future to place another burner on the right side, as did another surfer. 
Keep in mind that we will be using the same fuse for the two burners, so if we use lighters at once, surely it is based, but as we are not smoking, do not think that we claim both current (amperage) at any time ; we will use it to charge mobile phones and others.

In  Pioneer DEHP9600MP  red lead is the ignition, as shown in the same cable; we connect as noted passing cable inside, and solved the problem:

See you soon dear navigators!

Translated automatically to english from here.

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