17 January, 2016

Changing the battery of your tablet for a few bucks

In this post we will change a spent battery to a 9-inch tablet
Currently it is not uncommon to see every family with an Android or Apple tablet, and over time the piece gets more wear of this useful accessory is the li-ion battery, especially if it is of poor quality, and when it lasts less than an hour we should change it, improving the original capacity if possible. In this case we have a Edertix Tablet 9.7" whose battery lasts less than half of its original capacity.

If we remove the lid to any tablet, (you can search youtube how to do this) of plastic clips, we find something like this :

He wears a composite of two smaller parallel connected battery 2000 mAh each (note the centre union, and will replace it with a battery of the same size but wider than 1 mm., Since the cap gives us sufficient margin, with what we will gain in duration . The battery is as follows , I checked their capacity and actual 5500 mAh (very close to what was announced in Aliexpress 6000) 4.5 * 93 * 105mm and weight 100 grams, ideal for tablets 10 " . Also bring its own circuit protection (on a tablet is not necessary, so if we are short on space we can remove it).

First of all we remove weldings of the old battery with care so the cables do not touch on the board, it should be taped to the terminals as unsolder a soldering iron:

Then use a knife to cut the adhesive strip keeps glued to the screen, being careful that it does not slip and we cut a finger or a tablet cable.

If there has been enough glue can be worth to the new battery (that being fatter also going to be tighter for the cover), but if not, it is convenient to put double sided tape to fit tightly and not damage other elements a fall.

 We can only re-solder the terminals taking care to avoid mistakes polarity; I usually come screen printed on the plate if we have not set the release:

But all this you will see more clearly in the video on Youtube:

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