10 January, 2016

Everything you wanted to know about planned obsolescence ... and other topics on home appliances

Good, I was thinking about writing an article about the "planned obsolescence" after having a nice discussion with a "Blablacar" passenger long ago, but what was my surprise that my a friend Antonio Sanchez has already done it, and very well in his blog on saving on home appliances, and I 'm grateful to him for keeping people well informed of (I subscribe to every word of him, I think I wouldn't explain it better). Well, for me:

There is no "planned obsolescence" as such, but is a consequence of users, we, almost always choose the cheaper and lower quality. If you do not want an appliance that is spoiled to 5 years, take another 5 years warranty on components, and pay the difference . Manufacturers just give us what we ask; that is, a sufficiently durable product for a few euros. And we know that cheap ... almost always is expensive, especially for nature if not recycled.
I recommend taking a look at his blog , it's all I wanted to write ever on home appliances and I never had time for (fixing them, saving energy, etc). 
You will find answers to various questions such as: Am I interested in relocating to the TDH in my electricity bill (Rate Discrimination Time)? What heating system is best? etc. It is also a great guy, nice to resolve all technique doubts and queries from the fellows readers. Enjoy!

How to save every day on home appliances

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