12 January, 2016

Extending the battery life of your phone past 3 DAYS

S5 with housing and battery Zerolemon What's hot?
Granted, cheating is so fashionable today... but if not, "you wouldn't go read" this entry. No, there are no magic tricks to make your smartphone lasts, in normal use, more than calculated by the manufacturer (beyond a few more hours);  if you want your battery to last more, the only answer to your praye is to change the battery with a higher capacity one at the expense of giving more thickness to the mobile, yes, and if the change includes a cover that protects it from knocks great, welcome are the "fatphone"! 

But do not go! This entry is not sponsored! The Zerolemon are not the typical Chinese fat batteries, with a shabby housing to accommodate them. It is quality batteries, yes manufactured in China, but with reliable Design and Quality; I tell you I've been using for the last year one for my S3 with results that have exceeded my expectations, with actual 6000 mAh .

It's like carrying two spare batteries already in place!

To insert the battery have to remove the back cover, as the innovative rubber casing serves as the back cover and protective cover to fall :

Dissasembling it you can see that are only three li-ion 3.7V flat batteries connected in parallel (one is stuck in the hole, and two next to each other attached to it, with the NFC antenna stuck on the back). One of them is the optimal use of space, so much that if you add a silicone protector to the mobile with its standard battery, it does not occupy much less than this technical solution.
In addition, suffering fewer cycles of loading / unloading a year, the battery also will age more slowly (although last longer, as all li-ion, we do not recommend downloading below 15% for longer shelf life twice).

Yes, there are phones that its battery lasts longer than 1 day, but can be counted with the fingers, and ... imagine how much would last with one of this! 
For that, you do not need to go away to a phone that does not fit in the palm of your hand so you do not have to rely on a charger, since engineers Zerolemon make batteries for Top mobile sellers with a huge growing market.

On the other hand, from a time now have improved the design of its casing, making them more cool and protective; now they are rigid polycarbonate shells with a hollow rubber around the perimeter that acts as a bumper Zeroshock, absorbing impacts very well, and fully compatible with NFC :

We also have different designs available.

But there is a BUT ...?

The only but is that the phones that are splashproof as the S5, removing the back cover that protection is compromised, although I think it's worth the risk. 
Besides charging the 6000 mAh battery with a 1 A standard charger will take all night, but no problem, don't you thing?

The Zerolemon batteries are available on Ebay (click) or Amazon USA

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