08 January, 2016

Blurry text in Google Chrome and other Aplis after installing Windows 10: How to fix it

Windows 10 by default applies a display configuration and scaling according to the screen size that we have, which may result in a neat desk, but in some computers the applications could be all with blurry text, as if it were not using the native resolution of the screen, despite having drivers and well detected screen. To fix this and get and clear view in Windows 10, we just have to follow these steps :

1. We press the right mouse button on the desktop and select "display configuration" in the context menu:

2. Get into "Advanced Display settings"

3. Next to "advanced options of text size and other":

4. Select the highlighted text "Setting a level of personalized scaling"

5. And finally we change the scale to 100%:

We restart the session as we indicated, and voilĂ !, all programs are as sharp as your desktop.

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